Frequently asked questions

If you need help, we have a list of frequently asked questions and answers. Click a question below to view the answer.

Each room has a call button on the wall and an extended call button with a cord that can be attached to your pillow. In the event of an emergency, please use the call system. There is a resident care employee here to respond 24 hours a day – even at night.

Breakfast is at 7:45 am, Lunch is at 12:00 pm and Supper is at 5:30pm

This often depends on the medication you take and when the medication should be given. The resident care department will begin waking residents in time for everyone to be ready for the 7:45am breakfast time.

Eating regular meals is an important part of staying healthy. Unless you have a fever or are contagious with a condition, you are expected to be dressed and come to the dining room for all meals.

Tables are set up with four or five people. Residents can choose to have an assigned seat or pick their seat at each meal.

There is a list of alternative food choices on the menu. You should let the kitchen know one hour before a meal so they can prepare it and have it ready in time.

Please notify the resident care department of any dietary restrictions you have, and they will inform the kitchen staff. Southmayd can assist you to have healthy eating choices, however, you are responsible for governing your own food intake.

Residents are provided a monthly activity calendar on the 1st of each month. Our activities are open to everyone and except for trips and outings, most are at no extra charge to you.

The resident care staff will provide you a scheduled day for your bath or shower based on your preference. Once established, it will be the same time and day each week.

A resident care employee is available for shower or bath assistance based on the resident’s level of needs. Our staff promote you doing for yourself as much as possible so that you maintain your independence.

Personal laundry service is included in your monthly rate. Please be sure to mark your initials with a permanent ink marker on all your clothing. You will be assigned a weekly laundry day for your clothing.

Bed linens and towels will be given to you upon arrival and will be laundered on your bed change day which is determined by the location of your room. Residents are welcome to bring their preferred linens and towels.

Residents schedule hair appointments through the resident care department.

Residents have the option to open a petty cash account in the business office.

Residents are responsible for transportation to and from the physician appointments. The resident care department can assist residents with scheduling a transportation service.

Yes, please sign yourself out each time you leave Southmayd and give an anticipated time of your return. If you will be absent during any meals or overnight, please notify the resident care department so that they may give you any medication that should be taken during your outing.

Your opinions and concerns are very important to us and we hope you will feel comfortable voicing them. Please stop in anytime to talk with the Executive Director.

No, visitors are welcome any day and time.